Charge2go Purpose


Lets face it, everyone loves their Smartphone and would be lost without it!  How many times did your battery die unexpectedly, and you were left with a useless device. No calls, no texting, no emails, no net, no pictures, no navigator, no music, no social communication, nothing!


This is when Charge2go comes in handy...


Charge2go is the solution you all have been waiting for. How best to satisfy your clients needs, then to give them easy access to recharge their Smartphone. How many times did an unhappy customer walk in with a low battery to their Smartphone and you could not be of help, or had to find a non practical solution for both you and your customer to give them a recharge.


Charge2go is the easy solution!


It is very simple to use, all the client has to do is place their smartphone on the mobile battery disk wherever they might choose to be and wait for it to charge.

You may choose to offer this service to your clients with a cost or free of charge. Each battery may come with a logo that represents you, one of your sponsors, or any additional advertising you might be interested in. Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets, Cinemas, Hairdresser, Beauty spas, Airports lounges, Waiting rooms, Hospitals, Business offices, Stores, are only a few of the many facilities that could benefit with Charge2go.

Charge2go Objective


More than 90% of the world population today owns a Smartphone and needs them charged in order for them to work. The empty battery or, almost empty battery is a major problem in every ones daily routine. A mom that needs to be reached by her children, a business man arriving late to a meeting, an urgent doctor appointment to be made, the list can go on forever.

The objective of Charge2go is to solve that problem, and make sure your client always has a charged battery to their Smartphone. Your client will be able to charge his/her phone in an easy, elegant way while prolonging their stay in your facility. They can fully benefit and enjoy the service you are offering without having to worry about their uncharged battery.

Charge2go Solution


All this is possible with our small and easy Charge2go Kit. The acquisition of our Kit will automatically increment your business by making your old customers happy and by attracting many new customers for your innovated extra service offered.

Charge2go Kit Includes


Charging Base

Power Supply

5/10 disk-shaped batteries, each disc is provided with two cables. One with Lightning plug (MFI cables certified, for Apple latest generation products) and one with Micro USB plug (for Samsung and other brands), these two cables will satisfy 99% of your customers

A charging base where can you comfortably and easily put the batteries to charge, stacked one above the other one

A power supply unit, 220 volt, that will give a right power to the base

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